Shoes That Fit
Compassion Project

We have an amazing opportunity together to have a huge impact in not only individual kids but families and our local nieghborhood school, Joseph Bonnheim Elementary. This Spring our compassion project is to place a pair of brand new shoes on every student at the school(265 Students). We are partnering with a program called Shoes That Fit which allows us to purchase the shoes at a discounted rate. We have calculated the cost per shoe to be $20 to $25. We hope that you will consider joining us by partnering with a gift of $20 to help a child, a family, and a school.   

If you would like to partner with us we have TWO options for you to give your tax credited gift:
  1. Click the GIVE button at the top right corner of our website. Follow the prompts and you will find an option that says, "Shoes That Fit." $20.00 helps one student but if you are able to you can give more and help many more students. 
  2. You can write a check to New Life Worship Center with the memo that says Shoes That Fit. Please mail it to our church office at 4436 77th street. Sacramento, 95820

Thank you so much for prayerfully considering joining us to impact with great love the amazing students of Joseph Bonnheim Elementary.