New Visitors

How do I get there?

We are located in Colonial Manor. For a map, click on contact us.  Our church is located at 4436 77th street. Sacramento, Ca 95820. Look for our sign on the street that will direct you into the parking lot.

Where should I park?

You are free to park anywhere in the parking lot. The handicap parking spaces are located at either end.

What is the service schedule? 

*Worship Services  9:30 Spanish/English  11 am English

*Children’s Program 9:30am Nuersery and children 4years of age to 5th grade. 11:00 am. For Nuersery and for children 4years to 5th grade.

*Middle School Program 11:00am. For children 6-8th grades.

The Worship services and the kids classes last about 1:30 minutes.

Where do my children go?

* Nursery: The nursery is located towards the back end of the church. All staff members have clear background checks. You are welcome to stay with your child until they are comfortable in the nursery.

* Children’s Sunday School Classes: The classrooms are located towards the back end of th church. All children need to be signed in. You will find the sign-up sheet at the entrance to the classroom. We encourage you to spend a few minutes meeting your child’s teacher.

*Middle School Class: The classroom is the smaller building located on the corner of the property. . 

What should I expect on Sunday morning?

You will probably be met by one of our greeters before you enter the church. They can help direct you. When you enter the sanctuary you are free to sit anywhere you like.  There is coffee available in the front entrance at our hospitality table. Feel free to grab a cup and a donut. 

What type of worship music is played?

Our music comes from a variety of sources, from hymns to contemporary praise and worship songs.  

What should I wear?

Our dress is casual.  

What should I bring with me?

If you have a Bible, bring it with you. If not, we have Bibles available for you to use.

Am I expected to put money in the offering plate?

No. An offering plate wil be passed during the Sunday morning worship service, but don't feel that you need to make a donation. As our guest, you aren't expected to contribute to the offering. The offering is given by our members and regular attendees to give as the Lord has directed them.

Visitor Card

This is found in the holder in front of each seat.  You are not required to fill it out but the information you give us will help us get to know you and respond to any needs or questions you may have.