Our Vision is simple, we want to be a church that serves eachother and serves others. We talk a lot about the phrase #PeopleMatter.  We believe in that. We believe that God's heart is to see his people unifed to worship Him alone. Our vision to live out being the hands and feet of Jesus within our families, our communities and the world.  Our plan is to do this through  partnerships with other local churches, community organizations, and those whose hearts are to see people connect with God.  

There are three specific modes to our vision that we often talk about from pulpit to the casual conversation which are: Multi-Ethnic, Outreach Driven, and In-Depth Teaching.  Each of these three modes play an important role in our vision to be the church God has called us to be.  We pray you will consider praying and joining us in our vision. May God bless you as you serve to do His great work.