Core Values
People Matter:
In life and faith we discover that how we relate to people has significant weight on the quality of life. God reminds us when he tells us the greatest commandment to love Him and then secondly to love others. We believe that God created all equally and therefore should be treated as equal partners in the kingdom of God. We attempt to live as such, "People Matter."

Kids First:
Kids are imortant to us and we truly believe that if we pour into them and prepare them they will one day have greater achievements than us. 

Bibically Based:
From the way we welcome you, to our weekend worship experience, to how we serve our community you will come to find that all we do has first been done in the the Holy Bible. 

Atmosphere of Acceptance:
From the moment you step on our campus you will feel welcomed no matter your background. We believe that we all need Jesus and therefore accept everyone just the same.
Authentic Worship:

We believe in real people, walking out a real journey leading our parishoners in worship.  No shows.  A team hungry for the presence of God using their gifts for His service. 

Diverse in Ethnicity:
We dont tolerate diversity, nor do we simply accept diversity, but rather we are intentional about it.  We believe that a multi-ethnic church is what God describes in His holy scriptures. 

Passionate Outreach:
Outreach is huge part of our DNA.  We believe that we are called to be the hands and feet of Jesus in our homes, community and across the world.

Devolping the next Generation:
Our Kids and Students are our future in the church and in society.  Our goal is to invest in every child who attends our programs to be the best citizen in the community they live in sharing God's unwavering love to all.

We believe that ministry must be done on purpose (the plan) and with purpose (the reason why). We do this by successfully launching teams with a healthy perspective of what it means to serve together. 

Building Strong Families:
Seeing families suceed is an important principle to our church.  We intentionally provide opportunites for each member of the family to be ministered to as an indivdual and consistently promote and help in the building of the whole family unit. Strong families make a strong church. 

Biblical Integrity in Leadership:
We believe that a healthy leadership will drive the success of the mission and vision that God has given us.